Society of Australasian Social Psychologists Conference: Newcastle, 2015

This year’s annual SASP conference was held in Newcastle (Australia). Congratulations to the University of Newcastle’s 2015 organising committee and lead organiser, Stefania Paolini, for hosting a fun and academically productive event. 

The keynote address by Professor John Dixon was undoubtedly the highlight of this year’s academic program. John Dixon is a leading scholar in the field of social psychology, and intergroup contact and collective action specifically. He is well known for his work looking at the ironic association between positive contact and drive for social change, as well as his work looking at informal group segregation and human geography. The SUPIR Lab was also fortunate enough to have Professor Dixon convene and discuss their symposium on intergroup contact. 

Special congratulations to Emma Campbell who presented her first conference paper, which looked at an empirical comparison of strategies to increase support for Aboriginal Affirmative Action Programs in tertiary education. Lab members, Eileen Chu, Stefano Verrelli and James Morandini, also presented conference talks. Eileen presented on the implications of misperceiving cultural identity; Stefano presented an empirical evaluation of the virtual E-contact paradigm; and James presented on the impacts of sexual orientation essentialism on self-stigma in lesbian women.

Well done team!