Society of Australasian Social Psychologists (SASP) Conference 2014

This year’s annual SASP conference, held in the Nation’s Capital, provided an exciting opportunity for The SUPIR Lab to discuss research, share ideas, and engage in constructive debates with the wider social psychological community. Well done to doctoral students, Eileen Chu and Stefano Verrelli, who presented their research alongside the lab’s chief investigator, Dr. Fiona White.
Eileen’s talk, titled ‘Not just a minority: The implications of bi-cultural identification for Asian-Australians’, presented a study that challenged the notion that Asian ethnic-minorities simply identify with one cultural identity. While Stefano’s talk, titled ‘Addressing intergroup contact from both sides: Promoting intergroup harmony between Anglo-European and Asian university students’, presented a couple of studies that evaluated two different indirect contact strategies amongst a sample of university students.

However, the highlight of this year’s conference was the undoubtedly the key-note address delivered by the Race Discrimination Commissioner, Dr. Tim Soutphommasane. The full speech can be found by clicking here. Dr Soutphommasane is an advocate for cultural diversity and has been a driving force for combating racism in Australia. His work, therefore, is strongly related to our research into social identity, prejudice, discrimination, and more importantly, promoting positive social change. We were also lucky enough to meet and chat with the Commissioner. 

Well done team!